Wouldn’t it be nice...

25.10 — 16.12.07



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An exhibition part of the AC*DC (Art Contemporain/Design Contemporain) project
A project in collaboration with Geneva University of Art and Design
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A co-production with the Museum of Design Zurich and the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste.

“Wouldn’t It Be Nice… Wishful Thinking in Art and Design” is a major exhibition which addresses the application of wishful thinking in art and design today. It explores the thinking processes and working methods, that fall into the gap between various attitudes, forms of behaviour and creative practices. On the one hand, the dichotomy between activism and acceptance, as well as social concern and social control. On the other hand, the juxtaposition between grand plans and harsh realities, between the benign and the confrontational.

This project conceived by design historian and art historian Emily King and director of the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, Katya García-Antón in collaboration with Christian Brändle, Director of the Museum of Design Zurich, will present art and design alongside one another, undifferentiated. As the former barriers between artists and designers – but also graphic designers, stylists and architects – has become uncertain, the breadth and range of investigation and inspiration they share is possibly the widest to date. The exhibition hopes to present a series of projects emerging from these lines of dissolution, which reflect the current spirit of cultural production internationally.

A number of these projects will be specially commissioned. Furthermore some of these will have a direct pertinence to the infrastructure of the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève. Among the creators invited to participate: Dexter Sinister (UK/US), Jurgen Bey (NL), Bless (F-D), Dunne&Raby and Michael Anastassiades (UK), Alicia Framis (ES), Martino Gamper (IT/UK), Ryan Gander (UK), Martí Guixé (ES), Tobias Rehberger (D) and Superflex (DK).

A publication will be created on the occasion in collaboration with the London-based design group Graphic Thought Facility.

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Exhibition: 25.10 — 16.12.07

Opening: 25.10.2007 at 6 p.m.

Curators: Emilie King et Katya García-Antón, in collaboration with Christian Brändle.


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Subventionné par la Ville de Genève