Vulgar Spirits

24.06 — 08.07.15

Selected works from 2nd year students, Gabriel Abrantes's class at the Cinema Department, HEAD.
At the Cinema Dynamo an on the 4th floor

Opening: Tuesday, June 23 at 6 p.m.

10 films were selected from over 70 works produced by 13 students over the course of 8 months. All of them are filled with the exuberant energy of experimentation. Their crude techniques, vulgar humor, and blatant eroticism are the tools for an ambitious political critique.

They are examples of this generation’s struggle to find agency in a time when activism has become synonymous with branding and protest has been reduced to a fashion statement. They attack a society where almost every image is digitally modified, social interaction is increasingly virtual, mass surveillance is widespread, and where being engaged means slapping a hashtag in front of a catchphrase.

In one video a cardboard cutout of a steroid pumped body builder comes to life and recites the schizophrenic ramblings of Antonin Artaud; in another a young man sexually violates a sea lion that is in the process of raping a penguin; in a third two fashionable pseudo-feminists Skype each other while they instagram screengrabs of a Judith Butler lecture.

Behind their surreal, provocative and sometimes shocking surface lies a powerful naiveté and unguarded sentimentality. This is what allows these young filmmakers to risk without censoring themselves and to question with such impudence the conformism rampant in our society today.

With films by:
Lucas Azemar
Fulvio Balmer
Marie Demaricourt
Jorge Cadena
Antonin Ivanidze
Sayaka Mizuno
Robin Mognetti



23.06.15 at 6 p.m.

24.06 — 08.07.15

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