Barcelona/Loop Fair




THE SCREEN FROM BARCELONA/LOOP FAIR is dedicated to moving-image practices and culminates in the annual meeting point in Barcelona, featuring - amongst others - several international guest platforms. THE SCREEN FROM BARCELONA/LOOP FAIR is a dynamic event, constantly adjusting to the changing needs of the various agents involved in the moving-image field. It includes exhibitions, screenings, presentations, conferences and a fair. It is also a city project aimed at connecting local and international platforms, resulting in the creation of alliances between institutions, artists, curators, festivals, producers, distributors, galleries and universities, among others. This interconnection allows THE SCREEN FROM BARCELONA/LOOP FAIR to reach a wide audience composed of the most diverse kinds of public.

For THE SCREEN FROM BARCELONA, IMAGE—MOUVEMENT presents a short compilation of its first act with:

Józef Robakowski, "From My Window, 1978 –1999", 2000, 20’. Courtesy ZAK | BRANICKA

Filming daily life from his flat over 20 years, the artist depicts Poland’s changing cityscape and society.

Jan Peter Hammer, "The Anarchist Banker", 2010, 30’. Courtesy Supportico Lopez

Hammer subverts the re-enactment genre, staging an interview - based on Fernando Pessoa’s eponymous short story - between a banker and a TV moderator.

Elemér Ragályi, «New Year's Eve», 1974, 16'. Courtesy Balázs Béla Studio Archive

A poetic work of daring social critique made at a time of intense film production in Central Europe.

Maria Iorio/Raphaël Cuomo, "The Interpreter", 2009, 36’.

"The Interpreter" opens up new perspectives on the Maghreb’s experience of demographic mobility towards Europe.

Katya García-Antón, Laura Györik Costas and Emilie Bujes will introduce this special screening.

Screening at
Cine Maldà, 5 Carrer del Pi (CIUTAT VELLA), Barcelona

 BALÁZS BÉLA STÚDIÓ: Elemér Ragályi, still de «New Year’s Eve», 1974

RAPHAËL CUOMO/MARIA IORIO, still de «The Interpreter», 2009

JÓZEF ROBAKOWSKI, still de «From my Window 1978-1999», 2000

JAN PETER HAMMER, still de «The Anarchist Banker », 2010

Subventionné par la Ville de Genève