Pauline Julier

15.05 — 26.06.14
MAY 27, AT 6:30 P.M.


Pauline Julier is interested in the relation between reality and fiction, and how reality intersects with our own fictions. Her short films combine real and imaginary elements.

She presents two films at the Cinema Dynamo: Noé (2010) and after (2012). The artist and Cyril Neyrat – writer and film critique, collaborator at the HEAD – will be present for a special screening followed by a talk on the 27th May at 6.30 pm.

Noé (22', 16/9, HD, color, 2010)

The viewer experiences Noé's nightmare. Outside, the world has disappeared under ice. As he attempts to escape the nightmarish vision a surprising melody out of sync and desperate, invades the space, causes chaos and allows the viewer to withdraw from the film.

after (8'33, 16/9, HD/super16mm, 2012)

Through an analogy borrowed from the American writer David Foster Wallace, the film depicts a post-modern feeling: an era in which the party has already ended. The fireworks are a distant spectacle and the clear sky has a strange and empty color.

Pauline Julier lives and works in Geneva. Her films have been shown in contemporary art centres, institutions and festivals around the world, among them the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Loop Festival in Barcelona, the Tokyo Wonder Site in Tokyo, New York, Madrid, Berlin, Zagreb, at the Cinémathèque in Toronto or the Pera Museum in Istanbul. Julier was awarded the Prix d'art fédéral suisse in 2010.

Pauline Julier will take part in the Biennale of Moving Images 2014 organized by the Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève in September 2014. She will present her new documentary essay entitled Something we don't know about coconut trees. The film explores the relation between the landscape and the legends surrounding a small South Pacific Island threatened by a rise in the sea level. Mythological accounts are combined to a detailed visual description of the island.

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