Gisèle Vienne


03 — 12.09.15


Parallel to the exhibition 40 Portraits, 2003-2008 by Gisèle Vienne at the Project Space, the Cinema Dynamo presents "Brando" a short film by the artist accompanying the first track of the anticipated collaboration, "Soused", between avant-garde crooner Scott Walker and sludgy noisemeisters Sunn O))). Thanks to Scott Walker's inimitable voice and to the eerie drone sound of Stephen O'Malley's band, the spectator is immersed in a delicious nightmare.

A house in the mountains, three enigmatic characters: a blonde woman moving in slow-motion epilepsy; a teenage boy locked in tremulous horror and the sudden appearance of French novelist and dominatrix Catherine Robbe-Grillet. An uncanny, disquieting and hypnotic music video to be discovered by the 12th of September.


Looped screening 3 — 12 September 2015