Charlotte Moth

Ce qui est fragile est toujours nouveau

01.06 — 12.08.12



For the first major solo exhibition by Paris-based British artist Charlotte Moth, the Centre introduces her recent work, including two new pieces.

The departure point of Moth's work, the travelogue, embarked on in 1999, has developed over the course of her travels into an extensive collection of analogue photographs that bear a close relationship with architecture, space and light. This exhibition explores her practice through works in a range of mediums such as film, photography, sculptural, installations.

For this project, Charlotte Moth has also invited Falke Pisano and Peter Fillingham to take part; two artists who have collaborated with her on numerous occasions and whose practices, although very different from her own, are closely related to her work.

Save the dates

Exhibition dates: 01.06.12 — 12.08.12

Opening: 31.05.12 at 6p.m.

Press meeting: 31.05.12 at 4 p.m.

Arty Night: 12.07.12 at 7 p.m.

Curator: Emilie Bujès


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Subventionné par la Ville de Genève

  • “Noting Thoughts”, 2011. Image from the exhibition
  • Charlotte Moth. Image from the exhibition.
  • Image from the exhibition
  • Charlotte Moth, Sculpture made to be filmed, 2012. Courtesy the artist and Marcelle Alix
  • Charlotte Moth. Image from the exhibition.