Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève – Cally Spooner He Wins Every Time, On Time and Under Budget + And You Were Wonderful, On Stage

Cally Spooner
He Wins Every Time, On Time and Under Budget
+ And You Were Wonderful, On Stage

03.02 — 18.03.18

Opening, February 2, 2018, at 6 p.m.
Curated by Andrea Bellini


The Centre d’Art Contemporain is happy to host a specially commissioned project by Cally Spooner, sitting somewhere between a retrospective, a rehearsal, a continuous event and a novel (not quite written).

Cally Spooner’s work neatly avoids any one category, but could be described as the practice of a writer whose output is choreographic; in the simplest of terms –  the organization of movement. Yet, in Spooner's case, movement emerges across a range of media, subjects, objects or text. Arriving from a training in philosophy, her work forms from theoretical treatises as well as literary references, pop songs or talk shows and manifests as film, sound, live events, as well as fiction, essays, readings and scripts.

For her exhibition at Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève two bodies of work by Spooner are brought into conversation, one which is complete, the other just beginning. They are unified by a single theme; a desire to maintain a ‘state of rehearsal’ as a response to the demands of production and the mediated choreography of 21st Century language.

On the Second floor is And You Were Wonderful, On Stage (2013 - 2015). In this five channel film installation –  a musical for six continuously rolling cameras, shooting a single take –  a company of performers gather together for the first time. They create a forty-six minute non-stop motion, that has more in common with live event-making than cinema. Two years since its completion And You Were Wonderful, On Stage continues to urgently stage how liveness, and time spent together, may be lost or gained through mediation, technology and management.

He wins every time, on time and under budget (2016 - ongoing) is presented on the Third floor as an evolving constellation of work in varying states of aliveness, absence or extinction. Sculpture, drawing, sound, a novel-in-progress are joined by dancers, performers, athletes and academics who carry new and existing performances. Whilst reflecting on capitalism's mastering of language, time and all that lives, Spooner and her collaborator’s presence is an attempt to establish alternative rhythms and vocabulary for 2018.

Based in Athens and born in 1983, Cally Spooner’s recent solo exhibitions include The New Museum, New York and The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (in 2016), Vleeshal, Middleburg (2015).  She is author of Collapsing In Parts (Mousse, 2013) and Scripts (Slimvolume, 2016).



Exhibition: 03.02 — 18.03.18


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