Bourses de la Ville

Fonds Berthoud, Lissignol-Chevalier et Galland pour la jeune création 2011

02.09 — 02.10.11


It’s been thirteen years now that, every year, a dozen artists from Geneva are invited to take part in this exhibition and compete for one of the three grants offered by the Berthoud, Lissignol-Chevalier, and Galland Funds of the Ville de Genève. A unique opportunity is provided to discover the young and particularly dynamic scene of contemporary creation in Geneva.

With: Josse Bailly, Ceel Mogami de Haas, Gaël Grivet, Alexandre Joly, Damian Jurt, Elisa Larvego, Balthazar Lovay, Sandrine Pelletier, Marta Riniker-Radich, Adrien Rumeau, Marion Tampon-Lajarriette, Ramaya Tegegne et Caroline Vitelli.


Elisa Larvego – Bourse Berthoud

Gaël Grivet – Bourse Lissignol-Chevalier et Galland / arts plastiques.

Ramaya Tegegne – Bourse Lissignol-Chevalier et Galland / arts appliqués.

Gaël Grivet. «La marche possible des courants». 2011, installation, crédit photo Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève/Danaé Panchaud.

mac11The exhibition is part of the Manifestation of Contemporary Art, September 22-25, 2011, Geneva

Subventionné par la Ville de Genève