Antoni Abad


30.04 — 01.06.08



The project “GENEVE*accessible” was launched by the city of Geneva in partnership with the Handicap Architecture Urbanisme (HAU) association, with the purpose of making travelling easier for the disabled. Designed and coordinated by Catalan artist Antoni Abad, this project combines two essential dimensions – social action and artistic practice – while actively involving the people concerned.

The project consists of three stages: a web site will first be designed, then mobile telephones will be handed out to disabled people, so that they can identify, compile and map mobility obstacles. Finally, the resulting work will be presented at the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, within a series of related live events: the “Créateurs Singuliers” week (27th May-1rst June).

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Exhibition: 30.04 — 01.06.08

Opening: 29.04.2008 at 6 p.m.

Curator: Katya García-Antón.


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Subventionné par la Ville de Genève

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