MAYA ROCHAT, ShowerPower with U5

Maya Rochat ShowerPower with U5

Through her multidisciplinary practice, Maya Rochat handles photography and plays on multiple media, from collage to performance through video, to create new and enigmatic images. For the limited editions of the Centre, the artist proposes two variants: ShowerPower with Bermudaa and ShowerPower with U5.

ShowerPower with Bermudaa depicts the performance by the electro musician Bermudaa (AB Records) which took place during the first of the exhibitions conceived by Maya Rochat in the Project Space, A Plastic Tool.
Using the same principle, she reused a photograph of the work of the artist's collective U5 in the exhibition Protein Fix at the project space for ShowerPower with U5.

Trying to blur the boundaries between reality and fiction, the artist uses the shower curtain – on which she printed these images – as media for these limited editions. The strangeness of these colourful photographs transfigure this everyday object, giving it a new aesthetic dimension.


Print on shower curtain.


140 x 200 cm

Edition of 5 (+1 AP)


CHF 400

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