Jakub Julian Ziolkowski «sans titre», 2009

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski «no title», 2009

JAKUB JULIAN ZIOLKOWSKI’s work depicts an imaginary world filled with narrative elements, details, emotions and obsessions. The canvases are packed with patterns and have a disorienting, hallucinatory quality. The artist’s draws his inspiration from several elements – from abstract geometric art to Street Art, from Guston to Jérome Bosch or R. Crumb. His work is a sort of human bestiary, each emotion is transformed into a specific form: animals, plants, minerals or space. To simply describe his work as a spontaneous chaos is to ignore the artist’s approach. There is in the impression of anarchy of his canvases a conception of the world meaningful to our contemporary thinking on culture.

Using the image of the skeleton – a recurrent theme in the artist’s work – this serigraphy produced at the Atelier C. Humbert-Droz is idiosyncratic for it has no color and Ziolkowksi’s work is usually very colorful. In a circular or spirale like motion the skeleton splits into two through an axial symmetry and hides a second motif at the center of the work.


Edition of the Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève for the Jakub Julian Ziolkowski exhibition, printed at the serigraphy studio C. Humbert-Droz in Geneva in May 2009..


Serigraphy on vellum “Arches” 88 300 gm2, 4 sections (white, gray, black and gray).


71 x 32 cm

Edition of 25 copies (+3 H.C. et 7 E.A.), signed and numbered on the back by the artist.


Price: CHF 625.
Frame with anti-glare:
CHF 442

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