DAVID HOMINAL «Sans titre», 2010


The composition of the serigraphy – colour blocs around a cross – relates to a certain tradition of geometric abstraction and notably Swiss concrete art. If “nothing is more concrete than a line, a colour, a surface” (Theo van Doesburg, 1930), the literal quality in question differs from that of abstract painting. The pattern reproduced originates from a wide spread industrial technique. It is a cromalin print, a high definition colour reproduction used as a validation for documents during the printing that can be find in packaging and notably on cigarette packets.

Produced by the artist in the printing studio of the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam with precise colour mixes (oil painting), the print has a tautological character yet claims its hand-crafted quality.

The rippling and fingerprints related to the manipulation of the different blocs of colour are fully assumed by the artist.

  • 4 colored circles with golden cross and brown rim (10 copies)
  • 4 colored circles with blue cross and brown rim (3 copies)
  • 3 colored circle (no gold) with red cross and brown rim (2 copies)
  • 4 colored circles, with blue cross, no rim (3 copies)
  • 4 colored circles with golden cross, no rim (1 copy)
  • 3 colored circles (no blue) with golden cross, no rim (1 copy)
  • 1 red circle with red cross, no rim (2 copies)


Limited edition from the Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève conceived by the artist David Hominal as a prelude to his exhibition “L'Après-midi d'un faune”.

Paper format

Serigraphy on paper Hahn Karton 300 g/m2.


100 x 140 cm

Edition de 20 copies (+ 2 H.C. et 9 E.A.), signed and numbered by the artist on the back at the center.


CHF 1250
Frame: CHF 620

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