ARVO LEO, Accidental Ant Hill Sculpture, 2014

Arvo Leo Accidental Ant Hill Sculpture (Made in 2003 after a forest fire made love to a Ford Mustang) 2014

Many years ago there was an enormous forest fire in Canada. The McLure Forest Fire of 2003 (as it is called by some) lasted over 75 days. It destroyed 26,420 hectares of forest as well as many other things natural and man-made. The total estimated cost of the fire was 31.1 million dollars, in addition to 8.2 million dollars in property losses. 72 homes and 9 businesses were destroyed. Amidst these historical statistics it just so happens that a 1984 Ford Mustang vehicle was also engulfed in the flames. The flames were very very hot that day. The flames were so hot that the aluminum housing of the vehicle's engine melted, resulting in a pool of liquid metal trickling its way down to the ground and into a subterranean ant colony, filling the ant tunnels entirely with itself. A few days later a mechanic named Dave discovered this sculpture in the ground while he was cleaning up the remains of the burned vehicle.

Many people enjoy this sculpture because of its accidental nature. Yet what if it was not an accident? What if Nature, the Car, the Trees, or the Ants themselves had motivation for this sculpture's creation and were responsible for its coming into being?


Screen print on paper.


128 x 85 cm

Edition of 12
Red, black or blue
signed and numbered.


CHF 2000 without frame

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