Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève

«Labo» Award

07 — 09.10.2015


Labo is a competition program consisting of 13 short experimental films. These films, free from the constraints of traditional narrative, explore different techniques to create their owns forms of narrative expression.A real laboratory of images!

Awarded by the Centre d'Art Contemporain - Genève, this prize is valued at 1,000 CHF and will be attributed to the best experimental short by a panel of personalities from the contemporary art scene of French-speaking Switzerland.


The Jury

Julien Bodivit, director of the LUFF Festival

Denis Schuler, composer and art director of Ensemble Vide

Jérôme Soudan, composer, musician and artistic director of Electron Festival 


Les Courts-Métrages


Max Hattler, All Rot, 2015, 4.00 mn, Hong Kong

all-rotResponding to the compositional and aesthetic qualities of the work of Harry Smith and Barnett Newman, All Rot is an experiment in synaesthetic cinema which renders an otherwise mundane environment into a rapturous and abstract interweaving of textures and colour.


Steven Woloshen, 1000 Plateaus, 2014, 3.21 mn, Canada

1000-plateausMade entirely in the front seat of a car with simple art tools, this short hand-made film celebrates the joy of road maps, travel and jazz music.




Boris Labbé, Rhizome, 2015, 11.21 mn, France

rhizomeFrom the infinitely small to the infinitely big, everything in the universe is tightly connected and interacts and recombines together in perpetual metamorphoses.



Hirotoshi Iwasaki, Dark Mixer, 2014, 4.55 mn, Japon

dark-mixerThe concept of transformation is at the heart of this short loop animation film. Everyday things are blended together to create something unfamiliar, which may lead us to look at everyday life in a different way.



Jérémie Van Quynh, Tondo, 2015, 3.57 mn, Canada

tondoComposed of live action shots, Tondo is a visual and sonic experiment in which each viewer is taken from pareidolia to pareidolia through a dreamlike journey, while everyday sounds conjure up sprouting mental images.




Thorsten Fleisch, Picture Particles, 2014, 5.50 mn, Allemagne

picture-particlesIn this film, individual elements of a visual information carrier have been isolated and used to construct alternative visual reagents. Repetition (in space and in time - and in moderation) is utilised as a binder, taming those wild particles to achieve a golden ratio in the spectator's mind's eye.


Mirai Mizue, Retro Future, 2015, 6.55 mn, Suisse - Royaume-Unis

retro-futureA vision of the future world imagined by the director in his childhood, so different from today's world.





Salvatore Murgia & Dario Imbrogno, OTTO, 2015, 1.55 mn, Italie

ottoOtto attempts a metaphorical and abstract discussion of the natural circle of events, which often upsets the rules of life of the characters involved.




Theodore Ushev, Sonámbulo, 2015, 4.20 mn, Canada

sonambuloA surrealist journey through colours and shapes inspired by the poem Romance Sonámbulo by Federico García Lorca. Visual poetry in the rhythm of fantastic dreams and passionate nights.



Paul Bush, The Five Minute Museum, 2015, 6.35 mn, France

the-five-minute-museumThe Five Minute Miseum is an experimental animation in which thousands of artefacts from the collections of small museums are brought to life in an animated history of human endeavour.




Shu Cao, One Minute Art History, 2015, 1.23 mn, China

one-minute-art-historyArt history is a long tale which tells us what happened in the past, but cannot tell us where new opportunities lie. Each historic painting on which artistic geniuses spent their lives becomes a mere fleeting image in the movie. The concept of the film rests on the idea of waiting, which like art itself is an absurdity - some kind of eternal behaviour with no purpose, no ending.



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